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America’s Oil Capital Is Diving Into The Crypto Space

  • Blockchain technology is transforming oil and gas companies, boosting efficiency and increasing profits in the process.

  • Texas, in particular, is quickly becoming a hotspot for blockchain technology and cryptocurrency as miners flock to America’s oil capital to leverage cheap energy for their operations.

  • As blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies become the norm, any oil and gas company not adopting this modern innovation will likely end up stuck in the past.

Oil and gas firms have been using blockchain technology and working with digital start-ups to modernise and improve efficiency across operations at an increasing rate. As blockchain booms, will it soon be a vital component of oil and gas operations?

As the oil and gas industry turns towards blockchain firms to digitalise their systems to boost security, increase transparency across the company and improve operational efficiency, the incorporation of the new technology is slowly becoming the norm rather than the exception.

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