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How does it work - Buying Miner

You put an order and make payment through the card. Contact us to discuss shipping exceptions, cost, warranty.

All pre-owned miners will come with no-warranty. However, we will let you buy farm only warranty from us for a price. 

We don't provide warranty outside the farm due to too many hash-board swap cases.

We will charge actual shipping fee to you.

Miner price change every day drastically with the underlying coin price fluctuations.

How does it work - Selling Miner

We buy miners at a reasonable price from you. It is much easier to sell your miners that are hosted in our farm.

We connect potential buyers and you for a 3% commission

We also buy your miner below 15-25% sales price. The price depends on demand and quality of the miner. Those who purchased our own miners will get 5% rewards during buyback

How does it work - Hosting

1. You pay us one month rental charge as security deposit

2. Monthly rent in advance

Engage into a three, six or annual contract with us.

3. Minimum quantity of servers is 10 units

(Unless you buy miners from us)

How does it work - Leased Hosting

1. You deposit twice the amount of the miner as security

2. Lease the server from us at an affordable rate

3. You take no risk on miners and make profit. 

4. Terminate contract anytime and receive the security deposit at the end of contract